Established in 2009, Production Crew is an entertainment logistics company with a collective track record of over 20 years in the event management industry. With its strong network and presence across India, Production Crew works in partnership with entertainment, media and communication agencies to execute events and activations right from inception to culmination.

Production Crew offers a collective of custom solutions like,
- Special Event Designs
- Stage and Technical Designs
- Entertainment Solutions
- Event Logistics & Hospitality Management
- Destination Management
- Security Logistics & Transport Management

Our motto is to create and deliver Magical Experiences

Vevek Menon

Ten years of diverse experience in hosting various Corporate Events, Launches, Auditions, Signature Events, Concerts, Exhibitions, Conferences, Road Shows & Parties.
Expertise in all aspects of an event from anticipating and fulfilling a range of client needs.
Sound networking & interpersonal skills and well exposed to areas of resource management and corporate client management.
A team player with good project management abilities showcased under stringent time lines.
Possesses versatility, adaptability and willingness to tackle new responsibilities.

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Vikas Menon

Twelve years of diverse experience in Events, Promotions, Visual Merchandising and Live Television shows.
Intensive operation planning for event marketing and brand promotional events.
Practical background with on ground brand communication.
Built and developed large teams providing brand development support.
Well exposed to areas of resource management offering absolute personal involvement with clients.
Recognized as a high performer with good team building and project management abilities.
Worked with international events in Europe & South East Asia.

Dinesh Shetty

10 years of divergent experience in events (Launches, Awards functions, live television shows, Concerts, Press Conference & Promotions.
Recognized as a great executor of the toughest events, also worked internationally for many clients.
A man who knows the solution to every dilemma of the event, Clients praise him for his hard work & dedication